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When we started contract farming in Rwanda, the main question was, “Can we teach people who have never been to school, who have never farmed chickens, who live in villages on the side of a hill how to raise modern broilers successfully?” Teaching them to farm was the easy part. The spirit in these small-holders is that of big business movers and shakers. What they’ve done since, is truly a testament to their will and commitment to a brighter future. Be inspired, do the work, make your dreams come true just like these farmers. 

Feeling inspired? Want help to build your farm business? 

Apply to be a Zamura contract Farmer

Meet Francois and Pauline, one of the earliest broiler farmer contracs in Zamura's broiler program.This husband and wife team has built their farm business from the ground up hand-in-hand.

Meet Francois

Read Francois's and Pauline's full story and learn more about becoming a Zamura Contract Farmer.

Meet Delphine

Before working with Zamura, life was very difficult. Now when we harvest, we make between 70,000 to 80,000 RwF and there is no more struggle.

Read Delphine's full story and learn more about becoming a Zamura Broiler Farmer.

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