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Meet Zamura Farmer: Niyigena Delphine

Updated: Mar 25

Before working with Zamura, life was very difficult. Now when we harvest, we make between 70,000 to 80,000 RwF and there is no more struggle.

Farmer Success Story - Delphine
Zamura Farmer Niyigena Delphine

We started working with Zamura in 2017. My father was a real estate broker; my mother was jobless and I was also jobless. I had finished school but still was not employed.

What was life like before Zamura?

Before working with Zamura, life was very difficult. All our needs had to be met by our father and we had kids in school and it was really not easy. It was hard to get the school fees for my siblings. He made around 30,000 RwF to 50,000 RwF in case there were a lot of deals available for brokers. And this was not guaranteed and it was not always the case that he can make that much of money.

Watch Daphine's Full Video

Visit our Becoming a Zamura Farmer page to learn more about becoming a Zamura Contract Farmer.

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