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We hunger to see the hungry fed. Examining and taking an entire value chain approach, we know producers can produce enough food for Rwanda. Our inputs and expertise transform smallholders to production agriculturalists and grow larger producers’ businesses with a trusted local supplier. Raising profits and increasing your yields makes for stronger businesses, communities, and food systems. 

One Zamura Farmer feeds 86 People in Rwanda every year.

Active Contracts


Female Farmers


Youth Farmers

(<35 yr old)


35,786 Rwf Ave Farmer Take Home Per Flock
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Zamura Feeds became the oldest feedmill in Rwanda still operating today. Our mission was to maximize farmers’ production of milk, meat, and eggs through the highest quality feeds meeting international standards. Since then, we’ve tailor made solutions for what farmers really need to make a profit, testing formulas for producers large and small. We raise farmers’ profits through quality, consistent feeds.


We acquired Zamura Farms, a commercial table egg farm that employs primarily genocide widows and young women. We upgraded that farm from cage-free to caged production in 2023 to triple the capacity without a larger footprint and to improve our food safety as this farm’s primary customers are school feeding programs and hospitality services. Extending our hens life cycle from 72 weeks to 90 weeks allowed us to test our products and solve farmers’ problems in Rwanda with modern solutions. On top of that, we are now testing ways to capture all the nitrogen in our egg production and return our wastes to the soil in efficient and useful ways. We are developing and producing products from liquid fertilizer for irrigation systems to completely composted organic fertilizer for soil conditioning to raise crop farmers' profits as well and steward our soil resources and environment responsibly.


We established Zamura Foods, our contract farming business established with USAID Feed the Future: Tworore Inkoko Twunguke. The test of this project was to see how many smallholders–with little to no education and resources–could learn to raise modern broiler chickens while we maintained a sustainable business. We increased both their income and their nutrition. Today, we’re expanding their farms and increasing their revenue by contracting these same farmers to raise horticulture products for Pride Farms. Our experience training these farmers in farm management and nutrition is what gives us the confidence to share our expertise with all of Rwanda. We’re here to make a stronger, more resilient food system one farmer at a time.


Now with Zamura Farm Supply, we’re bringing everything together and sharing our purchasing power and industry expertise with you. We are your farm business partner from the ground up. Use our guides, laboratory, and advisory services, and stop by our shops to feel confident you’re purchasing exactly what you need to take your production to the next level. We believe that by democratizing access to these inputs and resources, we will accomplish our mission of raising farmers’ profits and you can live your dream as a successful agri-entrepreneur.

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