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Zamura Job Descriptions

Job Title:

Sales & Marketing Manager

The Sales & Marketing Manager is responsible for leading the sales teams of feed, eggs, and chicken to move product at a price that optimizes profit while keeping production in flow. The Sales & Marketing Manager will be the bridge between production and our customers; their chief responsibilities are to develop our brand, to work with production to deliver products as expected, and to keep our finished products in constant flow

Reports to: ZAMURA Managing Director (MD)

Supervises: Sales Agents

Works with-Internal: Live Production, Feed mill, Processing, Accounting TEAMS

Relates with-External: Customers, Mechanics and Vendors, Government, Law Enforcement, and community leaders Summary of 

Key Job Tasks & Responsibilities:

  1. Lead all sales teams (feed, eggs, and chicken) and develop accountability to meet sales goals.

  2. Develop a steady customer base to keep products in flow.

  3. Coordinate with production and customers to schedule deliveries efficiently.

  4. Analyze and report sales trends for sales and production planning.

  5. Work with Operations TEAM to maximize pricing opportunities and improve company profitability.

  6. Work with Accounting TEAM to manage payment plans and receivables.

  7. Develop export market for Zamura products.

  8. Develop customer retention programs for the sales team.

  9. Develop education programs and campaigns for consumers of feed and chicken, highlighting the quality and value of our products compared to the current marketplace.

  10. Create prominent brand presence and recognition in retail and food service outlets.

  11. Develop and communicate the stories of the hundreds of small holder farmers that supply and produce our finished products.

  12. Develop marketplace to consume further processed chickens, beginning with 8-piece cut up and 1-piece bulk orders.

  13. All other duties as assigned.

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